Our attention, your well-being!

Filled Pasta Gluten Free

Attention to consumer needs has always been a strength of the corporate philosophy. This is why we offer our GLUTEN FREE products, filled and stabilized pastas designed for those suffering from gluten intolerance. Thanks to the new technology developed by the engineer Diego Novarese and the qualitative selection of the raw materials used, we can obtain products that maintain the same organoleptic characteristics of traditional filled fresh pasta.

Veneto, a region with a strong farming tradition

I classici di Novarese

From the heart of Veneto, a region rich with farming tradition, come the classic recipes made using traditional stuffed egg pasta. This range of traditional products satisfies all palates and ages. The four products in this range come in packets of 250 g.

The classics


The range of PREMIER products is made up of traditional recipes in 250 g portions or handy bags of 500 g. This range was created to provide good value for money whilst still providing top quality products.

The art of pasta-making: a selection of the best products

Le Specialità

The two ranges SPECIAL OCCASIONS and SPECIALITIES are intended as a careful selection of the very best dishes produced by the Italian art of pasta-making. Novarese created this premium, top quality range for anyone who loves good food - a treat for the soul as well as the palate.

Pasta: ready to eat and at your fingertips

I primi della classe

The single-portion range of ready meals was created for anyone who doesn't have time to cook or who always wants to have a pasta dish that's ready to eat at their fingertips. We have a team of expert cooks who have created this range of 14 dishes, identifying and tailoring the best traditional Italian recipes. Each portion weighs 270 grams and should be heated before eating.