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Cod. EAN - 8006827600036

Quadrucci ai Carciofi

Fresh durum wheat pasta stuffed with ham in an artichoke sauce.
Pack 270g

Valori nutrizionali

Calorie content 190,00 kcal/100 g 795,00 kj/100 g
Protein 6,12 g/100 g
Fat 9,50 g/100 g
Carbohydrate 19,18 g/100 g
Salt 0,92 g/100 g


Quadrucci ai Carciofi
Modalità di preparazione

This dish must be heated before eating. To heat in a microwave: pierce the cover a few times, place the meal in the microwave in its packaging and heat for 1 minute 40 seconds on full power. To heat in the oven: pour the meal into an oven-proof dish, add a spoonful of water and heat for 5 minutes at 200°C. To heat in a saucepan: pour the meal into a saucepan, add a spoonful of water and heat on a high flame for about 1 minute.


Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store below 4° C. Once opened use immediately.

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