Le Specialità

Cod. EAN - 8006827000713

Quadrucci al Brasato

Rectangular ravioli with a wavy edge approximately 22 mm in size. A subtly flavoured fresh pasta with the perfect bite (because we only use durum wheat). Filling made with succulent braised meat and prosciutto.
Pack 250g

Valori nutrizionali

Calorie content 295,50 kcal/100 g 1244,0 kj/100 g
Protein 13,25 g/100 g
Fat 8,09 g/100 g
Carbohydrate 41,09 g/100 g
Salt 1,25 g/100 g


Quadrucci al Brasato
Modalità di preparazione

Cook in boiling salted water for 3-4 minutes.


Store between 0 and 4 °C. Once opened, eat within 3-4 days. Product packaged in a protective atmosphere.

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